For Responsible School

For Responsible School

School going kids need essential skills to navigate through this complex world which is being perfectly taken care of by many schools, but here comes a curveball. Just like languages, mathematics and other sciences every kid needs knowledge of financial topics from a very young age. We in sampadha strive to help every kid to learn the basics in the language of finance. As a part of learning we have a book named “Sampadha’s LEARN MONEY ” for 1st to 10th class students separately where they can do activities while learning about money.
For Responsible School​

Apart from the academic book we also indulge 1st and 2nd class students with Kids Financial Activities like colouring, match the following jumbled letters etc. Now for 7th, 8th and 9th students we conduct “Fin Quiz” and “Elocution”on financial topics. If you are thinking our program stops here, then you are wrong. This is where the real fun starts. We take classes for teachers. Yes you heard us right. We give sessions for teachers on Financial Literacy and Personal Comprehensive Financial Planning to improve their lifestyle and knowledge. 

In this process we conduct “Fin-Fit Game” a game where there will be baskets with many different goals a person can have in his/her lifetime with the amount needed for achieving it. Now a person will start throwing balls into the baskets and this is when the game starts. Apart from this game we conduct “Fin Quiz” for all teachers on basic day to day financial topics. We also have videos on contemporary financial topics in our youtube channel. You can check them under the playlist name “Let’s Ask Rao Garu(L.A.R.G)”.

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